Post / Digital

It is the exploration of a hybridised haptic domain, embracing both the digital and the non-digital, the individual and the collective, that Lace2Place seeks to explore as one of its core themes.

Lace2Place engages with a ‘post-digital’ approach to immersivity (Berry and Dieter, 2015), specifically engaging with ‘a hybridised approach towards the digital and the non-digital’ (Berry and Dieter, 6). While the digital age prioritised the two-fingers of the qwerty keyboard or mouse, the post-digital invites, what Alexenberg calls, ‘the rediscovery of ten fingers’ (35).

Lace2Place seeks explicitly to explore the creative affordances of a post-digital domain that is tactile and physical as much as computational, inhabiting the creative spaces between the digital and the nondigital, the biological, cultural, and the social.


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